Why the Name?

ctober 2006 I was attending my Uncle Tom's wedding in Charleston, SC along with a bunch of my family. I was riding in a cab with my two aunts, Colleen from Michigan and Sherry from Switzerland. They are both very fun and funny baby boomers in the their 50's and 60's. We had just got into a minor accident, we were all fine but the cabbie just threw out a few swear words then continued to drive us to our destination. After, we all just looked at each other, then looked at the cabbie, still swearing under his breath, we resumed our conversation about my new Rock band concept. I explained how the new band name needed to be kind of edgy like shittruck or something kind of obnoxious like that. While I will forever love the name of my last band, Leeky BeeTs, I needed more of a statement. My aunt Sherry, in her Swiss accent, asked if we would play late at night and I told her most definitely! We would sometimes get home at 3 or 4am (used to be dawn, but I am no spring chicken anymore). She kind of rolled her eyes and with a sigh said, "Oh goodness, if I ever go out late like that anymore, I just can't wait to get home, lie down and smell my pillow." I was like, YES!!!!!!! That is it! Thanks Auntie Sherry! "What?" she replied. "You just named my new band!" "What?""Smell My Pillow!" She said, "NO..." I said "YESSS!" She's like, "ohhh you wouldn't" I'm like, "Oh yeah! That is the best name I have ever heard! It is perfecto!" We all belly laughed into tears about Smell My Pillow which then gave us some good nuggets to keep referencing for the rest of the weekend. Good times! - marc

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